London Tenants Federation brings together social housing tenant organisations from across the capital to act on matters that affect our homes and communities. Just Space is a London wide network of community groups influencing plan making and planning policy. We have worked together with, and continue to be supported by, Professor Loretta Lees, an urban geographer.

Estate Watch

Over the last 3 years, Just Space and The London Tenants Federation have worked with the University of Leicester and King’s College London on a research project that has provided detailed evidence since 1997 of the displacement of London council tenants and leaseholders through regeneration schemes.

As part of this research, 120 in-depth interviews were carried out with tenants and residents on 6 different council estates undergoing regeneration: Aylesbury (Southwark), Gascoigne (Barking and Dagenham), Ocean (Tower Hamlets), Love Lane (Haringey), Pepys (Lewisham) and Carpenters estate (Newham). The interviews showed that many residents were forced out of their neighbourhoods leaving behind that precious network of friends, relatives and neighbours. The research has also shed light on the conditions many residents have been forced to live in - with essential repairs often neglected by the Council for years - and the uncertainty about the future, which created high level of anxiety and stress.

As the research project draws to a close, this website has been developed as a resource for communities on estates facing regeneration, to know their rights and to ensure that tenants and residents’ choices will be respected. We want to monitor each scheme as it progresses and make space for residents to add updated information about their estate in real time. This can be a precious tool to hold Councils across London and the Mayor to account and make sure that future regeneration schemes benefit existing local communities.

Contact us at info@estatewatch.london