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Elm Grove estate, Sutton

Circa 100 homes on Sutton's Elm Grove estate have been earmarked for potential demolition.

The Elm Grove estate is a small estate situated behind Sutton High street. It comprises approximately two-dozen blocks of two or three-storey terraced housing and maisonettes. In 2018, the site was designated for redevelopment in the Council's Local plan (site STC45) and a masterplan was drawn up by architects Levitt Bernstein.

The estate is one of seven estates listed in Sutton's Local Plan (2018) for potential redevelopment.

The Council has set up a steering group to represent residents on the estate and in February 2021 a draft Resident's Charter was published.

A ballot was held in January 2022 with 78% of residents voting in favour of demolition. The link to the Landlord Offer on Sutton Council's website is broken.

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Sutton Council website:

Sutton Council - rehousing policy for tenants & Leaseholders