Over 100 council and housing association estates across London are under threat of demolition. Our research shows where they are.

Love Lane estate

Number of homes under threat: 297

Landlord: Haringey Council

Independent Resident Advisor: Damian Tissier Microfish Communications

Ballot Status: Pending

297 council homes on the Love Lane estate have been earmarked for redevelopment as part of Haringey’s regeneration of Tottenham.

The estate was originally designated for redevelopment by Haringey Council’s cabinet in December 2014. It was subsequently included as a development site in Haringey’s Tottenham Area Action Plan (site NT5 - High Road West).

Haringey Council began rehousing secure tenants in February 2015 and there are now 180 temporary tenants on the estate (temporary tenants can be removed quickly in the run up to demolition).

In August 2021, Haringey published its Landlord Offer to residents.

The offer proposes to replace the estate’s 297 homes with 2,600 new homes, of which 40% ‘affordable’. Of the affordable homes 500 are set to be council homes at council rent.

A ballot took place in September 2021 in which 69% of ‘eligible’ residents voted, of which 55% supported the demolition of their homes and 45% did not. This represents just 39% of residents on the estate who were eligible to vote and did so - hardly a convincing mandate..

There is an active residents campaign group - TAG (Love Lane Temporary Accommodation Group):


A live campaign by Love Lane TAG (Temporary Accomodation group) is striving to protect the rights of temporary tenants.

Read about TAG's struggle

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