Over 100 council and housing association estates across London are under threat of demolition. Our research shows where they are.

Carpenters estate

Number of homes under threat: 710

Landlord: Newham Council

Independent Resident Advisor: TPAS/Source Partnership

Ballot Status: Required

710 homes are under threat of demolition on Newham’s Carpenters estate in Stratford.

Plans for the estate’s regeneration have been under consideration since 2000, with several buildings earmarked for demolition and the decanting of residents having started in 2005/06. Three tower blocks on the estate have been emptied of council tenants, though some leaseholders remain. The lower rise buildings continue to be occupied by a mixed community of council tenants, leaseholders and freeholders and this remains a strong and supportive community.

To save the estate from demolition, Carpenters Against Regeneration Plans (CARP) was formed by residents of the estate in 2011. Carpenters Community Plan was published in 2013 and the Greater Carpenters Neighbourhood Plan in 2019, both of which propose a bottom-up community based approach to planning the future of the estate.

Newham Council is carrying out an options appraisal with residents on the estate, each option involving a varying degree of demolition. A ballot is due to be held some time in 2021.

The Planning Inspector’s report on the Local Plan (London Legacy Development Corporation) published in April 2020 found against the demolition of the Carpenters estate and said: “Although the formal residents ballot is yet to take place, it is highly likely from all the written representations and spoken contributions at the hearing sessions, that most residents in the Greater Carpenters area are expressing the wish to remain where they live now and would resist comprehensive redevelopment and the inevitable disruption and community displacement….”

Newham Council’s website says the following about its regeneration of the Carpenters estate:

"From 2005 to 2010, redevelopment proposals focused on the demolition of the high rise blocks and some central low rise blocks to be replaced with alternative housing. Then came failed discussions with the University College London to develop the estate and Newham Council ceased the procurement of a joint venture partner, as there was limited evidence that residents had been fully engaged with redevelopment proposals. Newham Council is now committed to implementing a programme of consultation and engagement with residents which will inform the Carpenters Estate redevelopment options."
"In February 2020 the Council gave approval for Red Door Ventures (RDV) to provide development management services for the next stage of work for the restoration of the estate. RDV are a developer of private and affordable homes and are solely owned by the Council. RDV, working closely, with the council, now leads on discussions with residents to co-design a viable and deliverable development option." 
"RDV and the Council are working closely with residents to create a detailed vision for the Carpenters Estate and turn this into a financially viable masterplan. This plan will contain a clear ambition for the future of the estate, looking at how it will ensure it is restored as a neighbourhood and how it will connect to the wider Stratford area."

In October 2020, a council report submitted to Newham’s cabinet committee suggested one of the neighbourhood’s existing towers – James Riley Point – could be retained and refurbished before the start of any wider redevelopment that would require a residents’ ballot.

James Riley Point was almost entirely decanted along with Dennison Point and Lund Point as part of the previous regeneration approach which was abandoned in 2018.

In July 2021, Newham’s Cabinet approved proposals to refurbish existing homes at James Riley Point, Lund Point and Biggerstaff Terrace (subject to ballot).

Homes and buildings in Dennison Point, Gibbins Road, Doran Walk, Jupp Road, Kennard Road, Rosher Close, Warton Road and Wilmer Lea Close would be demolished and rebuilt.

Newham estimates renewing the estate will provide about 2,000 new and 300 refurbished homes.

A formal Landlord Offer is set to be issued in Autumn 2021 and a ballot held in Winter 2021/22.


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