Over 100 council and housing association estates across London are under threat of demolition. Our research shows where they are.

Avenue Road estate

Number of homes under threat: 258

Landlord: Waltham Forest Council

Independent Resident Advisor: Newman Francis

Ballot Status: Approved

Planning Status: Pending

258 homes in 4 blocks of the Avenue Road estate have been earmarked for demolition (Blackthorn Ct, Gean Ct, Mulberry Ct, Rosewood Ct).

The estate was one of 11 estates identified for possible redevelopment in a 2010 Estates Capacity Study.

The Council appointed a residents’ advisor to the scheme in 2019 (Newman Francis). Newman Francis has also been involved in Lambeth’s estate regeneration schemes.

In April 2020, the Council resolved to proceed with redevelopment on the basis of an options appraisal study but witheld publication of the study on grounds of ‘commercial sensitivity.

In January 2021, Waltham Forest Council held a ballot in which 161 of the 269 eligible residents voted in favour of redevelopment. As with many such ballots, refurbishment of the estate was not an option on the ballot paper. Neither was proposed tenure mix stated, which is a requirement of the Mayor’s Ballot Funding Conditions.

In February 2021, the Council resolved to initiate CPO proceedings and serve a demolition notice. Again, the appendix to this report setting out the financial implications of the scheme were witheld on grounds of commercial sensitivity.

July 2019 Council report.

Feb 2020 Council briefing report update to the Council’s Housing Scrutiny Committee.

March 2020 Council briefing update.

April 2020 Cabinet report.

February 2021 Cabinet report.

Waltham Forest’s Landlord Offer to residents ahead of the ballot.

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